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  • Today's businesses must balance the interests of people, the planet and profit to be successful. Providing industry news and analysis, Earth & Industry focuses on the intersection of these three elements, leading the discussion on how companies can maximize profits while being responsible citizens of this earth.

  • Ecopolitology investigates the politics of energy and the environment with straightforward, thought-provoking news and analysis. Exploring a wide range of topics from elections and environmental news to economic policy, media and social movements, Ecopolitology expands the traditional boundaries of "politics" coverage to engage readers on the ecopolitical stories that matter most.

  • At greenUPGRADER we believe you can live well while protecting the environment. Going "Green" can seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. greenUPGRADER features green products, eco-friendly ideas and sustainable projects to help you on your journey to a greener, better lifestyle.

  • Crisp Green is the web's unofficial repository of the coolest, freshest and crispiest green things on the web.

  • If you love the environment SOOOO much you feel like your brain is going to explode & you savor irreverence then sit back & let Treehumper be your guide through the lusciously green world wide web-a-sphere. If you are easily offended, overly serious and/or self-righteous click here.

  • Highlighting the musicians, fans, festivals and industry players that are committed to more than just good music.

Read about Doug's trip across the Transamazonican Highway...

"I was to bike the entire width of the Amazon Jungle across nearly 2,000 miles of dirt tracks, over the cold high passes of the Andes, and finally north through the barren coastal deserts to Lima, Peru over 3,000 miles away. The intention was to see firsthand the destruction of the Amazon, find the limits of my endurance, cross the continent via a rarely traversed route, and experience a piece of the world's greatest jungle before it disappeared."